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Bundle Customization

If you need to customize the way the Kinetic Runtime API works and renders forms you can override the configuration using the global bundle object. Here's an example of what a configuration block might look like:

    bundle.config = {
        fields: {
            text: function(field, trigger) {
                // 'field' is the field object.
                // 'trigger' is a callback to trigger change cycles.
        renderers: {
            submitErrors: function(response) {
                // 'response' is the response object from the server.
            resourceErrors: function(bridgedResource, response) {
                // 'bridgedResource' is the bridged resource object.
                // 'response' is the response object from the server.
            fieldConstraintViolations: function(form, fieldConstraintViolations) {
                // 'form' is the form object which was attempting to submit.
                // 'fieldConstraintViolations' is a map of fields which failed validations.
        ready: function(form) {
            // 'form' is the form object.

Ready Function

The ready function is provided as a bundle-level page load event. When a form load is complete it will call this callback with the Form object representing the form that was just loaded.

Field Customizations

You can override the way in which fields are rendered. The key of the fields object is the field type. Each override function takes two arguments: field andtrigger. The field argument is a Field object. The trigger argument is a callback function used to elicit our field change and other similar events.

Important Note: If you override a field with a field customization and do not call trigger at any point the automatic behavior for fields of that type.

Available Field Types

  • text
  • checkbox
  • radio
  • dropdown
  • date
  • datetime
  • time
  • attachment

Note: You cannot override sectioncontent, or button in this manner.

All of the field types have change events bound to them automatically. Additionally datedatetimetime, and attachment have significant custom rendering behavior by default. This is how you would change how your date and time pickers worked or alter the file upload fields.

Renderer Callbacks

Available renderer callbacks:

  • fieldConstraintViolations
  • submitErrors
  • resourceErrors

Field Constraint Violations

This callback function is called with two arguments: the current Form object and an object of field violations: function(form, fieldConstraintViolations)

The field violation object looks like this:

    'Required Field Name': [
        'This field is required and must be populated.'

The key in the object is the name of the field with constraint violations. The value is an array of messages for each constraint the field is currently violating.

Submit Errors

The submitErrors callback is called whenever a submission is attempted but there was a server error. The function signature is function(response) whereresponse is the response object from the server.

Resource Errors

The resourceErrors callback allows you to override the behavior of what bridged resources do when they encounter any errors. If the call to the bridged resource has an errors callback passed to it, that option will supersede this callback. The resourceErrors callback function signature looks like this:function(bridgedResource, response) The bridgedResource argument returns a Kinetic BridgedResource object and the response argument is the actual response from the bridge.