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Tag Libraries

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Tag Libraries

  • Kinetic Request CE provides an application tag library that contains tags for working with JSP content that gets inserted into the page head and body sections. It also contains a number of common helper functions for escaping different types of content, displaying human friendly file sizes, and converting from/to different serialization formats.
  • The Kinetic Bundle tag library is intended to be used in bundles to simplify JSP pages and make them easier to understand.
  • The Kinetic JSON tag library is intended to make working with JSON objects and arrays easier.
  • The JSTL Core tag library contains a number of tags related to variables and flow control, as well as tags for URL management.
  • The JSTL Functions tag library contains a number of standard functions, most of which are common string manipulation functions.
  • The JSTL Internationalization tag library contains a number of tags related to language and formatting conventions of client locales.
  • Spring Security has its own tag library which provides basic support for accessing security information and applying security constraints in JSPs