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Webhook Model

The webhook object represents the Webhook that is being accessed. Many of the properties and methods are accessible within the bundle.



Indicates the name of the event on the object identified in the type property that initiates the webhook to fire. For example, if the type property was set to ‘Submission’, the event might be set to ‘Complete’. This would cause the webhook to fire whenever a user reached the confirmation page for a form.



An expression that is evaluated to limit or filter the criteria that is required to cause the webhook to run. For instance, if the webhook type property is ‘Submission’ and the event property is ‘Complete’, the filter might contain an expression to limit the webhook to only fire when submissions are completed for the ‘XYZ’ form. If the expression returns true, the webhook will be fired. If the expression returns false, the webhook is not fired. If this value is not set, it is implicitly evaluated to true and the webhook will be fired.



The name of the webhook. Used to identify the endpoint system that is posted to, and possibly the type and event that fires the webhook.



Indicates the type of object that initiates the webhook to fire.



The URL of the endpoint system to post to.