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IMPORTANT - Product End of Life Statement - IMPORTANT

Request RE, Survey, and Calendar 1.5 Support Ending December 31, 2020
Contact Kinetic Data Support with Questions
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Access the Spaces and System consoles to create and maintain the Request CE application.


URL for access is:


Default login is admin|admin. After install change these values to something more secure.

System Setup


Change the default home page for all spaces.

Default. uses value set in the Space|Kapp - default setting.

Display Page. use a specific jsp page - must enter a value for the page before saving.

Redirect. set a specific redirect location (URL) - must enter a value before saving.

Configurator User

Username and Password (the id and password into this System Console). The default login is admin/admin (please change this to something more secure as soon as possible).


The Activity Console lets you export activity statistics about the system. The system organizes
submission counts by month, space and submission type. This information can be used for licensing or monitoring load.


The Licensing Console lets you view, import, export, and reset your Kinetic Request CE license.


Logs for the overall System. Logs by Space are available in the Space Admin.