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User Details

User Details

User Details can be split into two groups: details that only occur once per user and details that can occur more than once. In the first section, you have:



The username is how the user will be indentified/login. Note that for systems that use OAuth for Kinetic Response, this must be equal to the user's email address.


User's email address

Display Name

Name that will be displayed for the user. Will default to the username.


Whether or not this user is enabled in the space.

Space Admin?

Whether or not this user is a Space Administrator for the space. Space Admins are users with full access within the space.


You can define an initial password or reset the password for the user. Note you cannot discover or see the password for an existing user.

Preferred Locale

The preferred locale would be used for language settings/preferences.

Users then have components that can have multiple entries. A user can have multiple Attributes, Profile Attributes, and Team Memberships.


Individual instances of attributes are created for a user here, like a user's manager or department. These are editable only by space admins.

Profile Attributes

Individual instances of profile attributes are created for a user here, like a user's first and last name. These are editable by the user.


A user can be added or removed from existing teams here, within their user record.