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Models provide an abstract representation of an object in the target system. A common example is to represent person or asset information.

Model List

Each created model is listed on the console with a Name and Status. Both are required, and name needs to be unique.


Edit and Delete options are available on the far side once the Model is created.

Model Details

Selecting the Model Name opens the Model to be configured.


For each Model there are two sections for configuration, Attributes and Qualifications.


Bridges can return either lists of values (Multiple) or single (Single) values. The values returned depend on searches defined in qualifications. At this stage, the qualifications are just abstract names with named parameters for the search. The concrete search strings and actual values for parameters are added afterwards.

Example Qualifications

Example Parameter

Like the other values for models, it is just a name that will have specific items defined for it in the Bridge Mappings console.