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Render Attributes


Add display attributes for fields and other elements.


Render Attributes are used to control the presentation of elements of the form on the web. Every attribute pair that is added to an element is reflected in each part of the element as a name value pair.

In text elements and sections it is added to the div that encapsulates the element. In fields it is added to the div and to all the internal elements.

Here is the format for add Render Attributes:

An attribute with the Name and Value of render attribute is added.

New attributes are added by putting values in to the Name and Value fields and clicking the "+ Add Attribute" button.

Here are two examples of the attributes added to the html of the form.

Text element:

<div data-element-name="Instructions" data-element-type="content" render="attribute">Hello</div>

Radio Button:

<div class="radio" data-element-type="wrapper" render="attribute">
        <label class="field-label" render="attribute">radio</label>

             <label><input data-element-type="field" name="radio" render="attribute" type="radio" value="yes">yes</label>

             <label><input data-element-type="field" name="radio" render="attribute" type="radio" value="no">no</label>

Bold added for emphasis.

A common use of this would be to add a class to the element. If, for example, you had a class called "radioButtonVertical" defined in your CSS to allow display of radio buttons with vertically aligned choices. Render would be "class" and attribute would be "radioButtonVertical". 


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