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Create and Maintain the Events added to Form Objects and Elements

Adding Events

Events are used to set values automatically or to run custom javascript functions.


There are three types of Events, Load, Submit, and Change.

Load (only Page elements) - used when the forms page loads (each time it loads)

Submit (only Page elements) - event is called when the page is submitted

Change - when any change is made to the question value

Change waits for a change to the value of the element that the events is attached to and then performs the event.


Descriptive name for the event.


Two Actions are currently possible, Custom and Set Fields.

Each action can have a Bridged Resource. These are set on Form Properties element and then available for Events.


Allows you to add your own javascript to the Form.

The Code field holds all the details for the Custom Event. Normally this is javascript. The K object is detailed in the Help|Javascript Library link on the top right of the console.

Set Fields

Set values into existing fields on the form.

While you can add static values, it is more often that you will add values from an external source via a Bridge.

Bridged Resource - set on the Form Settings element Advanced section

Field - Field/Question on the form that will receive the value

Value - source for the Set Fields data.

In the above example the First Name and Last Name fields (Questions on the Form) are being set from the Bridge values called First Name and Last Name.

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