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Text Field


Create and maintain Text Fields for a Form.


Text Fields are the most common type of field/question on a Form. They're used to input a character or text value directly.

Examples include names, addresses, descriptions, reasons, and asset tag numbers.

The following fields and options define a Text field.

Name (required) - unique descriptive value.

Label (optional) - display value for the question.


Default Values can be either hard coded or added from the dropdown list (Values, Form, Kapp, Space, or Authentication information).

Default values are also available from a bridged resource. A bridge with a single return qualification can be used to set the value. After selecting a bridge the resources are listed as Variables in the Default value dropdown.

Rows - defines the height of the text input based on rows of text.

Information on using Bridge Resources is available here.

Other options for Text fields:

Display - Please see this section.

Validation - Please see this section.

Events - Please see this section.

Render Attributes - Please see this section.

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