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Checkbox Field


Add and maintain a Checkbox field.


Checkbox fields are designed to allow multiple answers to to a single field. Unlike Radio button fields, you can un-select so that no option is selected on the field.

Similar to Radio Buttons or Dropdown lists, you have two options for creating the list options, Custom or a Bridge Call.

Custom Choices are added individually. The Label (what is shown to the user) is copied from the Value (what is saved to the database) when initially created. If you edit the custom choice, you need to edit both fields.

Bridged options require the choice of a bridge and then selecting attributes for the Value and Label. Each is selected individually.


Example with Bridged Resource


Default Values can be either hard coded or added from the dropdown list (Values, Form, Kapp, Space, or Authentication information).

Default values are also available from a bridged resource. A bridge with a single return qualification can be used to set the value. After selecting a bridge the attributes are listed as Variables in the Default value dropdown.


Information on using Bridge Resources is available here.

Other options for Check Box questions:

Display - Please see this section.

Validation - Please see this section.

Events - Please see this section.

Render Attributes - Please see this section.


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