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Using Attachment fields on a form


Attachment fields allow users to add files to their submissions. Examples include Financial Agreements, lists of IP addresses, and screenshots. The files are saved using an application called File Hub.

Attachment fields have three options.

Name (required) - unique descriptive value for the questions. Limited to letters, numbers, spaces, and hyphens.

Label (optional) - text displayed to the user on the web form.

Allow Multiple Files? (optional) - allows multiple attachments for one question. They are displayed as a list on the web form.


Web Form Example

Other Options

These options only open to display values if something besides the default is selected or configured.

Display - Please see this section.

Validation - Please see this section.

Events - Please see this section.

Render Attributes - Please see this section.

How to Limit Attachment Types, Size, and Quantity
How to use a custom constraint to limit attachment types, size, and quantity.
Linking to Attachment Answers
The service item described in this article (also attached) illustrates a simple usage of Simple Data Request to retrieve a file attachment from an Attachment question.  The first page of the sample service item includes a single attachment question.  Once a file has been attached and the page has been submitted, the confirmation page provides a link to download the attached file.