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Placing and using buttons on pages.

Submit Button

Each submittable (non-Confirmation) page has a Submit Button. When clicked, the application sends answers from that page to the database and checks the application for the next page to display (Display Condition field on the page).

Unlike other elements it is automatically given the name Submit Button (a name is required). The label of the button is set to Submit and can be changed to any value.


Button Type

Besides the button that is added automatically with a Page, other buttons can be added. There are four different Button Types, Submit Page, Previous Page, Save for Later, and Custom.

Submit Page - default for Submit buttons. See description above.

Previous Page - returns you to the previously submitted page. It skips over pages that were not visited based on Display Condition.

Save for Later - submits the current page with current answers completed and ignoring any other validations. Submission is saved in Draft status.

Custom - allows you to add an Event that acts on Click of the Button. See the article on Events for possible actions.

Other Attributes

Display - Please see this section.

Render Attributes - Please see this section.

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Save and Exit
By default, the save button saves, but doesn't exit. This article reviews how to set up a button to save and exit to a desired location.
Add a button next to submit
There are occasions where users wish to add a button to the bottom of a request next to the "Submit" button.  This is usually a Cancel button but can be any button. If the button were any place else in the Request the solution would be as simple as just adding a text question with html for a button. Since the "Submit" button is outside the div which contains the questions, the solution requires a different solution.
Extra Submit Button
A customer requirement was to put the Approval Section/Questions at the top of a Service Item which is no problem.  However, as their Service Item contains many questions they wanted to add a second Submit button below the Approval Section/Questions in order to give the approver a better/easier experience.
Reorder the Elements of a Service Item
Sometimes the elements of a service item (the items in the Pages tab of the Service Item in the Service Catalog Console) can end up "out of order" because one or more element has the same id (sort order) as another element. This will prevent you from moving elements on the page properly, etc. Fixing these duplicate element numbers has always before been a manual process of updating the KS_SRV_ContentsElementHTML form's sortOrder value for the duplicate and all subsequent elements, which can be very time intensive. This service item and handler automates that process of fixing the elements' sort orders.