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Text and HTML


There are two two types of text elements you can add to a Form. Plain Text is just that - no formatting, just text. HTML is more flexible, but everything must be formatted using html tags.

Text Content

This element only allows plain text into the Text Content field. No styling of the text is allowed. Returns are captured, but no other common styles like bold or underline.


Name - required unique value for the text element

Text Content - text displayed on the page.

HTML Content

Similar to the Text Content element except it requires html formatting of the text. Plain text will work, but will not be formatted for line breaks or extra white space. However, this means that you can use html to style text.

There may be restrictions based on your bundle, but any html should be valid.


Both types of Text elements have Display and Render Attribute options.

Display - please see this section

Render Attributes - please see this section


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