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Sections are used to hold other elements on a Form. Common uses include, styling and hiding elements by group.


Name - descriptive text that is unique within the Form (required).

Title - text displayed at the top of the section on the Form (optional).

Display - please see this section

Render Attributes - please see this section


Sections can also be placed within other sections. This nesting of sections can help with presentation and dynamic display options.


How to use the builder to create and maintain Forms for Request.
Form Details and Advanced Properties
Create and Maintain a Page Object
Text and HTML
Create and maintain Text content and HTML content elements for a Form.
Placing and Using Buttons on Pages.
Checkbox Field
Add and maintain a Checkbox field
Date Time Fields
Create and Maintain a Date/Time Element
Dropdown Field
Creating and maintaining list fields with both hard-coded data and dynamic sources.
Radio Button Field
How to create and maintain the details of a Radio Button field.
Text Field
Create and maintain Text fields for a Form.
Setting the Visibility of fields and other elements.
Checking for the presence of values/answers on submission of a Page.
Render Attributes
Add display attributes for fields and other elements.