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Request RE, Survey, and Calendar 1.5 Support Ending December 31, 2020
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Create and Maintain a Page Element


Request CE has two different types of pages, Submittable and Confirmation

There are four options under the Basics tab for Page elements

Name - unique descriptive value. Restricted to letters, numbers, underscore and dash.

Type - set by the type of page element. Normally either Submittable or Confirmation

Display Condition - often used for hiding/skipping a page depending on answers to previous pages.

Advance Condition - can be used for validation after submit.

See this page for an example of how to set up a Display and Advance Condition.



Load and Submit events can be added to the page, allowing the developer to perform actions like custom page load functions and custom page validations. More information on Events is available here.


A default jsp is setup for Request. To use another jsp for display enter the full file name here. The path is set to the default for the bundle.

Confirmation Page

A Confirmation page signals to both the user and the application that the submission is complete. It can (if configured to do so) start a Task tree based on submitted answers. However, it normally only presents text to the customer reflecting information about their submission.

All of the settings for a regular submission page are available: Name, Display & Advance Conditions, Events, and Advanced.

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