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IDF guide rendered from cache

Individual elements have specific articles describing their configuration.

Common features for all elements are broken out into their own articles.

  • Common Builder features
  • Form Details and Advanced Properties
  • Create and Maintain a Page Object
  • How to add and maintain Section Objects on Forms for Request.
  • Create and maintain Text content and HTML content elements for a Form.
  • Placing and Using Buttons on Pages.
  • Using Attachment questions on a form
  • Add and maintain a Checkbox field
  • Create and Maintain a Date/Time Element
  • Creating and maintaining list fields with both hard-coded data and dynamic sources.
  • How to create and maintain the details of a Radio Button field.
  • Create and maintain Text fields for a Form.
  • Setting the Visibility of fields and other elements.
  • Checking for the presence of values/answers on submission of a Page.
  • Add display attributes for fields and other elements.