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Request RE, Survey, and Calendar 1.5 Support Ending December 31, 2020
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Application Navigation


Walk through application navigation not directly related to a Kapp.


Kapp and other Consoles are accessed from the left panel of the application. You will always have a Space and Catalog collection of consoles. Other common consoles are Admin and Queue.

Kapps (like Catalog and Admin) will always have the following consoles:

Individual consoles are covered later in the documentation.


Profile Information

In the upper right corner of any of the Kapp consoles, the current logged on user is displayed. Two options are available, Profile and Logout.

Profile allows you to Change the email address, display name, or password associated with the user.

Logout logs the current authenticated user out of the application. After logout you are taken to a list of Kapps for the current space with a link to login as a user.

While there isn't a link to log back into the management consoles, after you have logged into the portal for a Kapp you can select Management Console from the drop-down of the logged in used in the upper right corner of most portals.

Help Documentation

Much of the documentation for Request CE is available from within the application.

Java-Bundles Docs

Javascript Docs

Rest API Docs