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Request RE, Survey, and Calendar 1.5 Support Ending December 31, 2020
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Benefits of Kinetic Request CE

Kinetic Request CE Benefits

Kinetic Request CE offers many benefits.  Below are some benefits:

  • The Kinetic Core is designed from the ground up on modern architecture as a low-code platform that enables great customer experiences to be purpose-built, while incorporating any key back-end systems and/or data in delivery models.

  • The system is built for web-scale on modern API-based architecture.  It is platform agnostic and built to be integrated quickly and seamlessly with any existing or future systems.

  • Form creation within CE is easier, more efficient, and can be performed by a person with limited technical skills requiring less coding and more fluidity.  While not fully quantifiable (due to variables in service requirements), early indications estimate services can be built anywhere from 3 to 7 times faster than in the existing legacy Kinetic Request system.  This is due to the purpose-built hybrid WYSIWYG form builder in CE.

  • The current (RE) portal includes some dependencies on Remedy’s Action Request System (ARS) engine.  The new architecture is 100% independent of Remedy and fully platform agnostic.  

  • CE Hierarchy of forms utilizing parent/child relationships takes the place of embedded sub-forms.  This will further improve flexibility, build time, accuracy, and control.  The new design allows for faster iterations as services mature.

  • Parent/Child forms with no dependency on Remedy will also protect form content and allow easy transition if backend systems are changed.  If a new system is added to the backend, we simply point the CE forms at the new system.  CE will foster a standardized and protected form environment.

  • CE allows for future growth and savings by unlocking updated modules such as Kinetic Fulfillment.  Fulfillment module could possibly eliminate many other dependencies on additional ticketing system and may significantly reduce overall licensing investments by moving functionality into the platform.

  • Depending on BMC license structure, customers may be able to significantly eliminate user license costs by eliminating the need to interact with Remedy at the form level.
  • CE offers significant performance improvement by not relying on any underlying 3rd party architecture.  This affects not only end-users but also form design/build as well.

CE Performance and Efficiency Gains:

Initial feedback and testing has led to a number of performance enhancing outcomes.  Although efficiency gains are subject to a customer’s specific usage, the below results have shown consistencies:

  • Built in minification

  • Built in caching of “cachable” elements