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Request RE, Survey, and Calendar 1.5 Support Ending December 31, 2020
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Outlines the various technical components that make up Kinetic Request and the infrastructure required to run the application.


With easy portal and form builders, powerful workflow automation, streamlined integration components and unparalleled extension capabilities, Kinetic Request delivers the next generation of self-service and low-code platforms.  Kinetic Request helps organizations deliver nearly any business process faster and more reliably to employees, partners or external customers. It also helps to immprove adoption with intuitive customer experiences on desktop, mobile or other channels.

Application Components

Each component for Kinetic Request is deployed as a java web application (.war).  The individual components can live together on a web server or deployed individually.

Kinetic Request CE:  The primary application which handles form and portal authoring, authentication and authorization, look and feel, content creation and more.

Kinetic Task:  The workflow automation and integration hub for Kinetic Request.  Kinetic Task helps business deliver approvals, fulfillment, notifications and other integrations to nearly any application. Learn More.

Kinetic Bridgehub: The front-end integration hub used to store and run various Bridge Adapters that will be used to access data from different systems and convert it into a single, standardized bridging interface.  Bridges then get used to drive dynamic content on user interface elements including forms and portals.  This content could include dynamic menus, user profile information for external systems and much more.  Learn More.

Kinetic Filehub: The file storage and retrieval hub containing various Filestore Adapters that can be used to access files from different systems using a single, standardized interface.  Filehub exposes a REST-like interface for retrieving, creating, updating, and deleting files from local storage, cloud storage, or any other datastore capable of handling files.  Filehub adapters include S3, Azure, Openstack, local file system, and more.  Learn More.


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