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Parameterized URLs for Kinetic Calendar

How to add parameters to the URL for Kinetic Calendar.


Kinetic Calendar makes it very easy to display a basic calendar, and then use filters to narrow down your choices. However, it is often helpful to be able to narrow your choices down before the calendar opens, and then be able to save that URL for future searches. 

In Kinetic calendar this is a two step process. First you need to identify the fields that are going to be available to the URL in the qualification of your event type. Second, using the fields from step one you need to construct a page that creates the URL with parameters. For step two, I will be using another Kinetic Data product Kinetic Survey.

Fields for the URL

The main difference between a "regular" qualification and a paramaterized URL is how the fields are identified. For example:

A reglar qualification looks like this:

Calendar Regular Qualification.jpg

Here is a qualification with the URL Parameters:

Calendar Parater Qualification.jpg

Don't forget to check the "Allow Parameter Values" check box.

The values that will be used in the URL are enclosed in double curly brackets . This alerts the application to expect the values for these parts of the qualifications in the URL.


Build the URL

Now that you have the parameters, you can build the URL.

The main part of the URL is the same as any standard calendar URL. For example:

Everything up to URL_Calendar is likely static in your environment. URL_Calendar is the web name of the calendar that was setup when the calendar was created. To add mor parameters (because the CalendarName is a parameter), simple add an ampersand char character and then the name of the parameter and equals sign and then the value.

To simulate the regular qualification above with parameter would look like this:



The hard part about this process is building something that will automatically create the URL, so it isn't a manual process.

For this I leveraged Kinetic Survey.

Here is a screenshot of the page I created:


Kinetic Survey includes bult in options for dcreating the drop-down list questions, and the javascript events that build and open the paramaterized URL.


Here is a screenshot of the elements of the Kinetic Survey page: