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Assigning Resources in Kinetic Calendar

How to add and resources to Kinetic Calendar for use with default events.


This tutorial is intended to walk you through the process of adding resources to Kinetic Calendar for the purpose of giving the person (resource) permissions to create and modify events on a calendar.

Step 1 - Allocate Resource

Resources (users in Remedy) must be added to a specific form that is part of Kinetic Calendar. The form is called KS_CAL_Resource, and is normally visible only to Remedy Administrators.

There are two options for adding users to this form.

  1. Add records by hand. If you are only going to have a small number of listed resources this is the easiest option
  2. Add remedy workflow that populates the form based on other data in your Remedy system. This si the best option if you need to add a large number of resources. Normally the KS_CAL_Resources form is populated by data from either the USer form, or your systems People form.

Data Required

There are only two fields that are required, User ID (should be a valid Remedy User ID), and Name. These fields will facilitate finding the resource when you want to assign them roles for creating ormodifying default events.

The other fields on the form are optional.

Screenshot of the KS_CAL_Resources form:

Calenadr Resources Form.jpg


Step 2 - Link Resource to Calendar

Now that your resource is added to the Kinetic calendar system, it needs to be associated to your calendar. Resources are associated by individual Calendar, not Event Type. There are two ways to associate a resource to a calendar.

  1. Use the resources link in the upper left corner of the Calendar Console. This dialog shows you all the available resources and Calendars, and lets you easily associate a specific resource to a calendar by clicking on the 'Add' button.

Screenshot of the Resources Dialog:

Add Calendar Resource Dialog.jpg

  1. From the calendar manager Console, select the calendar you want, click on the permissions tab from the lower table, and click the corresponding 'Add' button. In the dialog that is presented, you have the option to search by either Name or User ID. You can click on the corresponding buttons (Lookup Name or Lookup ID) or put in a full or partial value in either field and press enter. When both the name and User ID fields have values, you can click save and your resource has been added to the calendar. 

Roles are defined in the next step.

Screenshot of Resource Permissions Dialog:

Calendar Permissions Dialog.jpg

Step 3 - Assign Role to Resource

Now that the resource is associated with the calendar, you need to give it a role that relates to Default Event Types.

The Default Event Type is used to add events directly to the calendar from the web interface as opposed to displaying existing remedy data.

Access to create and modify events through the web interface is restricted to either the Manager or Change All Events. They both provide the same permission level - future enhancements may take advantage - I recommend setting the role to Manager for resources you want create or modify events.

Step 4 - Add Events to Calendar

Now that the resource has been defined and given a role, you can launch your calendar and add events.

You need to have already defined a Default Event Type for your calendar.

When the calendar is displayed, you need to login as the user that you defined as a Manager, and then a link will display in the top left of the calendar web interface - Add Event

Web Calendar Display.jpg

When you click on the link, you will get the dialog that allows you to add events:

Web Console Event Dialog.jpg

From Here you can enter your event details, click Save and it will show on your Calendar.


There is a bug with the 1.5 version of Kinetic calendar if you are using the new 64bit Remedy API. If you are, resource creating the event needs to be a Remedy Administrator for the event to show on the calendar. This is an issue with the new Remedy API. A fix for this issue is available with version 1.5.1 of Kinetic calendar available late October 2011.

Other Information

Please see our Kinetic calendar User manual for more information - available on the website at: