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SSO Plugin Authenticator

SSO Plugin can be used as a single sign on solution to provide automatic login capabilities for Kinetic Calendar.


This external authenticator works with SSO Plugin ( from Java System Solutions.


NOTE: This authenticator is compatible with Calendar 1.5 only.



Installation Files

Version Release Date Change
v01.00.00 2012-05-07
  • Initial release

Installation Instructions

  1. SSO Plugin MUST be installed and setup before this authenticator will work.  Please consult the documentation  ( for SSO Plugin first.
  2. Unzip the archive file
  3. Copy the JSSCalAuthenticator.jar file to the Kinetic Calendar WEB-INF/lib directory
  4. Modify the WEB-INF/classes/KinCal.xml properties fille
    1. AuthenticationAdapter => com.kd.sso.authentication.JSSCalAuthenticator
  5. Save the properties file
  6. Restart the Web Server