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Calendar 1.5 to 2.0 Converter Utility

Utility to convert v1.5 Remedy based calendar definitions to v2.0 JSON files


Running this utility creates the JSON files and directory for Kinetic Calendar 2.0.
Utility - calendar-converter.jar
(can also be downloaded from the attachments at the bottom of the article)
Operation is fairly simple, there are two commands: setup and export (similar to KURL)
Commands are assuming that the file is in a directory called calendar directly off the C: drive.
c:\calendar>java -jar calendar-converter.jar -setup
This command prompts for configuration values for the ars server and creates a config.yml file in the current directory.
c:\calendar>java -jar calendar-converter.jar -export


This command exports all of the calendars in the Remedy environment.  It stores the configuration files in a directory named "data" in the current directory, it will raise an error if this directory exists.

No data willbe altered on your Remedy system.

The utility is currently in BETA. Please leave any comments or question with this article, or contact