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Download files to install Kinetic Calendar v2.0

Current Release

v2.0.4 - Released June 13, 2013 -

This release includes a few minor bug fixes.

  • Event types that are not configured in the calendar eventTypeOrder configuration property are not displayed on the calendar view.
  • The color palette has some erroneous test colors in place.
  • The color palette index is off by 1 for filtered events.
  • Event click handlers that use a javascript callback function do not work in IE8.

If you are seeing curly braces {} in your events while using the Chrome browser, there is a fix that involves replacing two files in the application.

For each file, replace the existing file with the file specificed at the location (path) specified. After replacing both files, you must restart tomcat (or your web server).

application-min.js => webapps/kineticCalendar/resources/js/application-min.js

core.js => webapps/kineticCalendar/resources/js/debug/core.js

Older Releases

v2.0.3 - Released April 19, 2013 -

This release includes a fix for day and week view click handlers not firing that was introduced in v2.0.2 and updates the adapters packaged with Kinetic Calendar.

  • Fixes problem with click handlers for day and week view introduced in v2.0.2
  • Includes the newest v1.0.2 Exchange adapter, which implements support for public calendars and environments with different Active Directory and email domains.


v2.0.2 - Released April 12, 2013 -

This release mainly focused on improving performance, especially for Internet Explorer users.  The code was improved to reduce the number of client-side javascript and DOM operations necessary to render the calendar events, and javascript event handling was improved to reduce the number of event listeners in memory.  To see results of the performance enhancements see Calendar Client-side Performance.  Also added the ability to override the default mouse-over action that displays the event description when a user hovers the mouse over an existing event.

  • Fix the script timeout error in Internet Explorer (all versions < 9) when loading and displaying a lot of events.
  • Fixed the problem when using the embedded calendar option.  The "embedded" class on the body tag in the calendar JSP was being removed when the page loads, so the embedded styling didn't work.  This has been fixed.
  • Add a user-defined mouseover event handler to event types to override the default behavior of displaying the event description when the user hover the mouse over an event.


v2.0.1 - Released December 6, 2012 -

This release fixes bugs found in v2.0.0.  There were no enhancements in this release.

  • The Refresh button does refresh the events when using Internet Explorer 8.
  • When clicking on the day or week tab in Internet Explorer 6 or Internet Explorer 7, the current date is incorrectly calculated, and there is a date range error.
  • Event types are not listed and filter colors are not applied in Internet Explorer 6 and Internet Explorer 7.
  • Multiple event listerners on the Month view day number are stacking up, so when Internet Explorer 7 or Internet Explorer 8 users click on a day number, multiple days are triggered.
  • If no filtered event types have events for the date range on page load, a blank filtered event type title bar is displayed with nothing in it.
  • Clicking the +n link in Month view for a date throws an error in Internet Explorer 8.


v2.0.0 - Released October 12, 2012 -

This release focused on separating Kinetic Calendar from using Remedy as a management and storage platform.  Calendar now stores configuration information on the web server file system, and has a data source adapter that can retrieve event data from Remedy.  Many new features were also introduced with this release:

  • Added click handlers to calendars to perform a user defined action when an open time slot on the calendar is clicked.
  • Added click handlers to event types to perform a user defined action when an existing event is clicked.
  • Allow calendars to be displayed in a fixed timezone.
  • Added the ability to define what color the events for a particular event type should be displayed.
  • Ability to have an event type 'de-selected' when the page loads.  This allows the event type to be available, but the user doesn't have to wait for the page to load because there are no events being loaded initially.
  • Added a data source plugin framework to allow data to be retrieved from systems other than Remedy.
  • Ability to define speciific filter value colors.