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Calendar Client-side Performance

The focus of the Calendar 2.0.2 release was improving the client-side performance of the application.  We measured the client-side performance in multiple browsers before and after this release and the results are discussed in this article.


To test the performance improvements, we measured how long it took to draw the events on the calendar before and after the enhancements.  Drawing of events is the process we focused on when making these improvements.

Version 2.0.2

# Of Events Chrome Firefox IE 10 IE9 IE 8 IE7
50 11ms 23ms 29ms 20ms 66ms 131ms
288 38ms 82ms 96ms 81ms 338ms 606ms
992 120ms 282ms 322ms 264ms 2237ms 2247ms

Previous Versions

# Of Events Chrome Firefox IE 10 IE 9 IE 8 IE 7
50 19ms 30ms 31ms 45ms 116ms 241ms
288 97ms 195ms 252ms 234ms 1344ms 2069ms
992 402ms 811ms 1135ms 998ms 21794ms 15363ms

As you can see from the results above there is an improvement in timings across the board.  The improvements are especially visible when there are a large number of events.

In addition to improved timings, when testing the large calendar above (992 events) with IE 7 and IE 8 the user would see an error/warning prompting them to stop running the JavaScript.  After the improvements this error did not occur in our testing.