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Sample: SNOW Change Calendar Configuration

SNOW Change Calendar Configuration

This is the configuration file setup for the Service Now Change calendar.



This is used to setup the general information about the calendar, including the Name, Id, and Description.

    "name": "SNOW Change",
    "id": "snow_change",
    "description": "A demo of the Change calendar on Service Now",
    "status": "Active",
    "defaultView": "Month",
    "displayPage": "/themes/default/calendar.jsp",
    "clickHandler": {}


This file is what configures what data will be displayed in the calendar. The Object value shows what table to get the information from Service Now (in this case, it is coming from change_request_list), the core and detail mappings map it to fields in the change_request_list table, and the filter mappings set up which fields will be available to filter by on the calendar page.

    "name": "Changes",
    "status": "Active",
    "defaultFilter": "Category",
    "detailsPage": "/themes/default/event.jsp",
    "displayOnLoad": true,
    "source": {
        "connectionName": "Service Now Demo",
        "configuration": {"Object" : "change_request_list"},
        "coreMappings": {
            "Id": "{{sys_id}}",
            "Name": "{{short_description}}",
            "Description": "{{description}}",
            "Start": "{{start_date}}",
            "End" : "{{end_date}}"
        "detailMappings": {
            "Number" : "{{number}}",
            "Priority" : "{{priority}}",
            "Impact" : "{{impact}}",
            "Category" : "{{category}}",
            "Requested By" : "{{requested_by}}",
            "State" : "{{state}}",
            "Type" : "{{type}}",
            "Approval" : "{{approval}}",
            "Assigned To" : "{{assigned_to}}"
        "filterMappings": [
                "name" : "Category",
                "value" : "{{category}}",
                "values" : {}
                "name" : "Impact",
                "value" : "{{impact}}",
                "values" : {}
                "name" : "Priority",
                "value" : "{{priority}}",
                "values" : {}