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DB2 Adapter

The DB2 Adapter is used to retrieve data from a DB2 SQL database.


  • DB2 SQL Server, Database, Access, and defined SQL Query for retrieving event data
  • The following java libraries must be included in the Kinetic Calendar web application classpath:
    • kinetic-calendar-sql-adapter.jar
    • db2jcc_license_cu.jar
    • db2jcc4.jar

Adapter Configuration

  • Adapter Class - This value must be added to the adapters.json configuration file:
    • com.kineticdata.calendar.adapters.sql.db2.DB2Adapter

Connection Configuration

  • Properties​
    • Username - Username for the SQL server
    • Password - Password associated with the username for the SQL Server
    • Server - SQL Server hostname or IP address
    • Port - Port number DB2 is listening on
    • Database Name - ​Database you which to run the SQL queries against.