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Modular components to retrieve data from different data sources, such as BMC Remedy or Microsoft Exchange.
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  • The BMC Remedy ARS Adapter is used to retrieve data from a BMC Remedy server.
  • Each of the specific database adapters are extensions of the Generic JDBC Adapter.  Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) is a Java technology that provides an abstract interface for querying against different database systems, and requires basic configuration dependent on the target database vendor and version.
  • The Google Adapter is used to retrieve data from Google Calendars. It uses the Google Calendar API v3.
  • The Microsoft Exchange Adapter is used to retrieve data from a Microsoft Exchange server.  It uses the Microsoft Exchange web service running on the Exchange server.
  • The Sharepoint Adapter allows Kinetic Calendar to dislpay calendar events from Microsoft Sharepoint Servers. This adapter is in beta realease.
  • Remedyforce is essentially Remedy's ITSM apps written on the platform. To retrieve your Remedyforce data and display it in Kinetic Calendar, you can use the Salesforce Calendar Adapter.
  • The Salesforce Adapter allows you to access data from the Salesforce service using. The adapter uses the REST API to retrieve this information. Note: The Salesforce REST API is limited to a maximum of 2000 records returned. By extension, this limit also currently applies to this calendar adapter.
  • The Service Now Adapter is used to retrieve information from your Service Now instance and allows it to be accessed from within Kinetic Calendar. This adapter uses Service Now's SOAP API to retrieve the calendar information.