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IMPORTANT - Product End of Life Statement - IMPORTANT

Request RE, Survey, and Calendar 1.5 Support Ending December 31, 2020
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Environment Page

The environment page provides information about the web application, and the web server environment it is running on.  This information can be valuable to Kinetic Data support when answering questions or troubleshooting problems.



License Details

The license information is displayed at the top of the environment page.  This indicates what type of license Kinetic Calendar is using.  The details will indicate what type of license was provided, and if it expires, when that expiration date will be.  If the license has already expired, that expiration date will also be displayed.


Version Details

This section provides version information about the main components of the web application, such as the core Kinetic Calendar module, and each of the installed adapters.  This information is vital when contacting Kinetic Data support.


Environment Details

This section contains a list of properties about the web server environment.  Again, this information can contain vital information when contacting Kinetic Data support.