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Installation on WebSphere requires changes to the default deployment configuration.


By default, WebSphere configures an Enterprise Application to use the parent classloader first, and the application classloader last.  Kinetic Calendar requires this configuration to be reversed, so the libraries included in the application are loaded before the WebSphere server libraries.

  1. Login to the WebSphere console, and select the Enterprise Applications link.websphere_apps.png
  2. Next click on the Kinetic Calendar application in the list of enterprise applications to view the configuration details for Kinetic Calendar.  In this case, the Kinetic Calendar application is the kineticCalendar_war link.
  3. When the Kinetic Calendar configuration page is displayed, you need to find the classloading configuration section, in this example, the link is labeled Class loading and update detection.
  4. The class loading and update detection configuration page shows the properties to change the class loader order and class loader policy.websphere_changes.png
  5. Ensure the class loader order is set to use the local class loader first, and ensure the WAR class loader policy is set to use a single class loader for the entire application.
  6. Save the settings and restart the Kinetic Calendar application.