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Request RE, Survey, and Calendar 1.5 Support Ending December 31, 2020
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Kinetic Calendar v2.0 provides some new features from Kinetic Calendar v1, and also some changes in behavior.


  • Removal of Remedy for calendar configuration data - configuration is now stored on the web server file system.
  • Adapters to retrieve events from multiple data sources, such as:
    • BMC Remedy ARS
    • Microsoft Exchange Server
    • Microsoft Sharepoint (currently under development)
    • Google Calendar (currently under development)
    • JDBC (currently under development)
  • Event click handlers - ability to define the action to take when an event is clicked.  This can be defined to open an external URL, execute a javascript function, or simply display the event details in a custom detail page.
  • Calendar click handlers - ability to define the action to take when an empty time slot is clicked on the day or week view.  This can be defined to open an external URL or to execute a javascript function that displays a form where the user can enter information to create an event.
  • Ability to define the color used to display events by event type.
  • Ability to define filter value colors when filtering events.


  • All calendars are public, however each calendar is configurable whether it dispays in the calendar listing or not.
  • Users cannot create/modify KS_CAL_Event records any longer, since this form doesn't exist with the application.  The preferred way to create / update events is by using a click handler to open a URL that can do this work, such as a Kinetic Request form, Mid-Tier, or other external system.  The reason for this change is this gives the ability to create/modify events in the desired system, which may not be Remedy.
  • No user authentication.  Since Remedy is not required, we removed Remedy authentication.  This will be addressed in the future, most likely a pluggable system where you tell Kinetic Calendar where it should authenticate (Active Directory, Remedy, etc..).