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Release Notes






Version 1.5.0

Release Notes



Revised July 8, 2011




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Chapter 1                       Introduction


Kinetic Calendar 1.5 introduces a number of enhancements to make the application more powerful and easier to use.  The most notable changes are:

·         Multiple filtered event types per calendar

·         User selectable time zone

·         Support for the pure Java Remedy API


Filtered event types allow the end user to select specific values to pre-selected fields in order to drill into the data and display only the events that apply to the selected criteria.  Version 1.5.0 now allows multiple filtered event types to exist on each calendar, allowing data from multiple sources to be displayed at the same time, yet still allowing the end user to drill into the data to view only the items that meet the selected criteria.

A selectable time zone allows the user to view data as it would appear in a different time zone than their current location.  When the user first accesses Kinetic Calendar, the user’s time zone is determined based on their local workstation time zone, and displays the event data using this value.  After that, the user is free to change that value, and the data will update accordingly.

In ARS version 7.1, BMC started work to convert the Remedy API to a pure Java based solution instead of relying on JNI to use the existing C API.  Though it was mostly rid of the JNI layer, there were still a few methods that required it.  In ARS version 7.5 BMC stated the API was completely independent of the JNI layer.  Kinetic Calendar 1.5.0 bundles the 7.6.04 version of the API, which allows Calendar to run without the C API, and also allows Calendar to run on 64-bit JVMs.  Kinetic Calendar runs on the older JNI API as well to provide backwards compatibility for ARS v6.3 customers.

Chapter 2                       Changes Implemented in 1.5.0

The following changes were implemented in Kinetic Calendar version 1.5.0


[Bug 1008]  Date/Time fields do not use the correct timezone in the related fields section.

[Bug 1486]  Replace Unicode functions used to trim data with the non-unicode equivalent.  The reason for this is that the data is stored in bytes in the database, not characters.

[Bug 1591]  Not recognizing Daylight Savings time change.


[Bug 1623]  Fixed a 7.6.03 User Tool Table bug.  This bug was only noticed when using the 7.6.03 User Tool.

[Bug 1700]  The active link guide KS_CAL_DIALOG_CalViewSetDefault_guide has no permissions on it.

[Bug 1711]  Calendars always load to the first day of the month.

[Bug 1733] Remove all 1=0 and 1=1 style Run If qualifications from filters and active links.

[Bug 1735]  Start and end times don’t display when viewing a Default event type.

[Bug 1736]  Timed events that end on midnight display for another entire day.

[Bug 1788]  Events are not legible when durations are less than 30 minutes.

[Bug 1791]  Date fields grayed out in IE – not other browsers.  This is fixed for IE9, but other versions of IE will still be grayed out.

[Bug 1797]  The “Fields to Display” field on KS_CAL_EventType gets cleared out when cloning event types.

[Bug 1798]  The “Filters to Display” field on KS_CAL_EventType gets cleared out when cloning event types.

[Bug 1809]  After adding a new calendar, the new calendar should be selected in the table.

[Bug 1810]  After adding a new event type, the new calendar should be selected in the table.

[Bug 1812]  Field 179 is always retrieved for custom and filtered event types.  Some forms don’t have this field and it breaks the query.  Only retrieve this field if it is used in the event type mappings.

[Feature 219]  Add a “Refresh” button to the calendar display so the user doesn’t have to reload the entire page when refreshing the event data.

[Feature 1201]  Add a close button to the top of the event dialog window.

[Feature 1409]  Allow users to select the timezone to display the data.

[Feature 1436]  Retain formatting (line breaks and tabs) when displaying more info data from a record.

[Feature 1459]  Change the background color for a timed event in the day or week view.

[Feature 1461]  Hide the URL field if the value is blank when viewing events.

[Feature 1597]  Allow multiple filtered event types per calendar.

[Feature 1801]  Add the version to the Calendar Manager Console.

[Feature 1803]  After adding a display field or filter field to an event type, it should be selected in the table.

[Feature 1804]  Add a warning on the Calendar Manager Console if the application is unlicensed.

[Feature 1806]  Make the application compatible with the pure Java version of the Remedy API.

[Feature 1807]  Provide a fully functional demo version that doesn’t require a license key.

[Feature 1811]  Move the log file from the web server’s temporary directory to a logs directory within the web application.

[Feature 1813]  Update log4j to version 1.2.16 to support a trace level.

[Feature 1814]  Increase the default log file size from 500KB to 5MB.

Chapter 3                       Changes Implemented in 1.4.0

The following changes were implemented in Kinetic Calendar version 1.4.0


[Bug 1247] Events that span multiple weeks, but start and end on the same day of the week, don't have a colored background

[Feature 1244] Environment log dump on startup

[Feature 1243] Change the title of the public calendars page to 'Calendar List'

[Feature 1242] Add a list of private calendars to the public calendars page for authenticated users.

[Bug 1241] External event types do not respect the use of "OR" in qualifications

[Bug 1240] Exceptions show up in the log file due to failures when retrieving event types using ArsPrecisionHelpers.

[Bug 1238] The isAdminUser method does not work correctly when using the impersonatedUser utility method.

[Bug 1220] License error when web user is not administrator

[Feature 1210] Remove the requirement to attach resources to external calendars

[Feature 1178] Allow the calendar title to be set via a URL parameter.

[Bug 1177] Events don't always display in the correct time sequence in month view.

[Feature 1175] Pass qualification parameters on the URL and use the values in the qualification.

[Bug 1170] Events without an associated color cannot be seen on the calendar display.

[Feature 1169] Display a message to the second user if two uses attempt to modify the same calendar event.

[Bug 1168] Concurrent access exceptions with heavy usage

[Bug 1167] All-day events can add a day to the stored event when creating from a time-zone other than the server time zone.

[Bug 1166] If a timed event ends on midnight, it displays as another full day.

[Feature 1165] Events don't display if the end date happens before the start date.

[Feature 1164] Auto select the view when the list view Day,Week,Month scroll by checkbox is selected.

[Feature 1163] Make the filtered value list a toggle.

[Feature 1162] Improve display of timed events in day view.

[Feature 1160] Jump to day view when the day number is clicked on the month view.

[Bug 1156] The filter drop-down list displays behind all day events if the list is long.

[Feature 1154] Extend the color bar on timed events in day and week view to the full width of the event.

[Bug 1152] Calendar / Event Types counts are wrong in month and list views

[Feature 1141] Change default of add-event to be hidden

[Bug 1103] The ForDate URL paramater doesn't handle incorrectly formatted dates very well.

[Bug 1102] NullPointer exception is thrown when many threads are open

[Feature 1101] Support refreshing Event when changed/deleted by another user while maintenance dialog is open

[Feature 1087] Update Installer for 7.5

[Feature 1084] Use ARAPI Connection Pooling

[Feature 1065] Undo selection on left in filter view

[Bug 1058] Modifying an existing event from the web interface causes a day to be added to the event.

[Feature 1012] Jump to day view when the day number is clicked on the week view.

[Feature 1011] Add a height and vertical scrollbar to the sidebar navigation box so the calendar stays visible when viewing long lists.

[Feature 1010] Make the sidebar navigation box sorted alphabetically when viewing filtered event data.

[Bug 283] 12 AM to 12 AM Event incorrectly displays in Week view


Chapter 4                       Changes Implemented in 1.3.0

The following changes were implemented in Kinetic Calendar version 1.3.0



[Feature 2] Display the loading banner when the My Calendars link is clicked.

[Feature 27] Create an agenda or list view of all events, sorted by day/time.

[Feature 32] Add cloning for calendars and event types.

[Feature 49] Allow ordering of related items in mulitple item event types.

[Feature 180]Fix day/week views so timed events that span multiple days are listed with all-day events.

[Feature 211] Allow handling for languages other than English.  This feature allows the Calendar display pages to easily translate string messages from English to another language by simply replacing the label and message strings on the web server.

[Bug 285] Fix the display for timed events that cross the end of a month (Week and Day views)

[Bug 293] Large Calendar name messes up the left side selector display.

[Feature 380] Add a Date/Time field called "Date/Time End" to represent the event end.  Useful for integrations.

[Bug 382]  If more than 1 event exists within a day, the 2nd, 3rd, etc events are displayed twice. This includes events with an end time and all day events and different events within a calendar.

[Feature 383] On the fly calendar data filtering.  A new event type called ‘Filtered’ was added for this purpose.

[Feature 392] Add ability to order the event types per calendar.

[Feature 489]  Change the chunk value on the calendar resources table to display 100 items per page rather than 20.

[Bug 501] Timed events that begin at midnight display as starting at 0:00 am.

[Bug 503] The auto-scroll for timed events does not work properly in week view if the week spans two months.

[Bug 506] Custom partials do not display in IE.

[Feature 584] Display count of records for each event type (or calendar) that is currently being displayed.

[Feature 586] Allow calendars to be managed by resource.

[Feature 588] Allow Remedy administrators to delete/restore calendars marked as 'delete' from the configuration manager

[Feature 612] Default Calendar properties when creating a new Calendar.  When creating a new calendar, default the Display Page, Default View, and Encoding fields as follows:  Display Page: calendarView.jsp, Default View: Month, Encoding: utf-8.

[Feature 613] Hide the menu fields for Default Event Types unless the menu option is checked.

[Feature 637] The Remedy dialogs do not make use of the change flag.  Before closing any dialogs, check if the change flag is set and prompt the user to save the changes if it is set.  This applies to all Calendar dialogs.

[Bug 698] The wrong assignee group value is being set on KS_CAL_Res_ResCal_Join.

[Feature 760]  Removed the ‘Events’ tab from the calendar console as the intent is to add event from the web interface.

[Feature 772] Removed support for Lite licenses.  Lite licenses will no longer work in version 1.3.

Chapter 5                       Changes Implemented in 1.2.2

The following changes were implemented in Kinetic Calendar version 1.2.2



[Bug 446] External event end time does not adjust for time zone

[Bug 448] The application has no way to modify the encoding character set being used, it is always set to UTF-8.  Include the ability to indicate which character set should be used for a given calendar.

[Bug 449] Concurrent connection issues when a user is already connected to the same Remedy server from a different application, even if the application is on the same workstation.  For ARS 7.0 and above users, now try to impersonate the web user whenever a user logs in.  This assumes that the web user is a member of the administrator group.  For users of ARS < 7.0, there are no changes and these users will continue to see the concurrent connection issues.

[Bug 450] If there are many events on a specified day, a +N link appears that when clicked, will display all the event summaries in a pop up dialog.  The pop up dialog extends well above the top of the page if there are many events for the day, and consequently cannot be closed.  This bug fix limits the vertical position of the pop up dialog to the bottom of the green header banner.

[Bug 451] If two or more users are logged in at the same time, and two or more refresh their browsers at the same time, there is a change that both users will be set to the same AR User context object, and will all see the exact same events.

[RFE 456] Index the KS_CAL_Event form on Date_Begin and Date_End

Chapter 6                       Changes implemented in 1.2.1

The following changes were implemented in Kinetic Calendar version 1.2.1



[RFE 48] Added the ability to encrypt passwords in the properties file.  Included a servlet to run the encryption algorithm and a link from the Calendar Configuration console to open the password encryption form.

[RFE 220] Automatically scroll down to the first timed event in day or week view, otherwise scroll down to 8:00 am.

[Bug 243] The URL field only launches a page correctly if the link value begins with http.  Updated the code to honor any protocol, and default to using http if no protocol is given.

[RFE 244] Add namespaces to utility javascript files.

[Bug 248] Timed events that begin and end on the last day of the month are not displayed.

[Bug 251] Timed events that span multiple months are displayed multiple times.

[Bug 282] All-Day events that span two weeks, but end on Sunday do not display for Sunday in Month view.

[Bug 297] The Display JSP parameter should not require the .jsp extension.

[Bug 313] The AuthenticationServlet catches the wrong exception for external authentication.  It should catch the KinCalException, but it is catching the Exception class.

[Bug 350] Replace all non-Unicode Remedy workflow functions with the Unicode equivalent.  For example (the function LEFT is not Unicode compliant, so replace it with LEFTC.

[Bug 357] The calendar id and event type id should be wrapped in double quotes for easier use.

[Bug 358] The installer script needs to check if the Tomcat shutdown port is in use.  If it is, display a message to the user that the port is already used, and another port must be selected.

[Bug 359] Related Info for an event does not return if the event name contains a single or double quote.

[Bug 360] If the event name contains a ‘<’ character, the event name is only displayed up to the ‘<’ character.

[Bug 361] Default events do not build up the menu select options if the event name contains an apostrophe.

Chapter 7                       Changes Implemented in 1.2.0

The following changes were implemented in Kinetic Calendar version 1.2.0



Added a description field to the KS_CAL_Calendar form, and display this value on the Public Calendars page as a sortable table column.

Added a Default View field to the KS_CAL_Calendar form.  This allows a Calendar Manager to specify which view the calendar will initially be displayed in.  Available values are month, week, and day.  If no value is specified, the calendar is rendered in the month view.  Please note, when viewing My Calendars, all calendars are rendered in the month view, regardless of the Default View setting.

Fixed a bug on the Calendar Manager Console that was causing ARS 7.1 servers to crash when the ‘Events’ tab was accessed.

Updated the InstallAnywhere script with the option to configure the local Tomcat instance for better performance (production mode), and also the ability to modify the JVM heap memory space allocated to the Tomcat instance.

Removed the installation log generated by the InstallAnywhere script, as this was including passwords in plain text.

Split the CSS stylesheet into two CSS stylesheets.  There is now a base stylesheet for core element properties, and should not be modified.  This file is called kinetic.css.  All color properties have been stripped out of this stylesheet and moved to a new file called colors.css.  Any modifications should be made to the ‘colors.css’ stylesheet only.

The JSP has been split into many JSP partials to allow for easier customizations.  The JSP partials are now located in the ‘resources/calendarView’ directory.

Regional location settings have been incorporated to work properly with servers outside the US.  This is for date formatting purposes only, alternate languages are not supported with this enhancement.

When creating/updating/deleting events, Remedy errors now show up in a Javascript Alert box.  This is useful for default events that use filters to push to other forms.  If an error is encountered, the user will now see the error message, and know why the request failed.

Now using the logged-in user account to lookup their role in each calendar when accessing the ‘My Calendars’ view.

Fixed a bad menu link on the KS_CAL_ConfigurationManager form.

Fixed a bug in the day view on IE6, where events that spanned multiple days did not display the arrow indicating the event carried into the next day.

Fix event cache problem when the calendar is initially loaded, or if the user scrolls between months too fast.  Also fixes the problem when a user uses the small calendar to scroll forward or backward a few months, then click the month name, the events were not being drawn on the calendar.  [Bug 1]

Include the ability to override the JSP for each calendar instance.  Added a ‘Display Page’ field to the KS_CAL_Calendar form.  This allows a calendar manager to specify an alternate JSP page to render the calendar.   If this value is blank, the default ‘calendarView.jsp’ partial is used to render the calendar.

Note – My Calendars will always use the default JSP page.  [RFE 3]

Added the ability to set a calendar instance’s default view via a URL parameter (View).  Valid values are Month, Week, and Day.  This parameter will override the Default View field set in Remedy for this calendar instance. 

Note – My Calendars will always render in the month view.  [RFE 4]

Enhanced event caching on the client for better performance.  Now keeping track of the event cache age for each calendar’s month, to determine if the period needs to be reloaded.  The default time to live value is set at 5 minutes.  [RFE 5]

The Installer script fails to authenticate Administrator users.  This bug was fixed in the InstallAnywhere script to work with the Remedy CLI tools better, for all versions from 6.0 to 7.1.  [Bug 7]

Cleaned up the http session object by moving most of the variables to the http request object for better performance.  The only variable now left in the session is UserContext.  [Bug 8]

Removed the ‘Manager Group’ field from the KS_CAL_Calendar form as this field was not being used by the application and was confusing users.  [Bug 12]

Fixed permission issues on the Calendar Manager Console to work properly with Calendar Manager roles.  Now, only Administrators, KS_CAL_Creators, and KS_CAL_Managers that have the ‘Manager’ role for a specified calendar instance may modify that calendar’s attributes.  [Bug 13]

Qualifications on ARS 7.1 using the 7.0 Java API appear to be working properly now.  [Bug 14]

Added better request redirection for mistyped URLs.  If unavailable calendars are referenced, the user is now redirected back to the Public Calendars page, and an error message is displayed to the user indicating what the problem was.  [Bug 20]

The week view now displays events for weeks that overlap two months.  For instance, the first week of February 2008 starts on January 27 and ends on February 2.  Events for February 1 and February 2 were not being displayed on the week view.  [Bug 21]

Hide the ‘Go à’ link on the Event View dialog if the URL field is blank.  [RFE 23]

Fixed bug where errors in the base servlet are not being displayed.  [Bug 25]

Streamlined the Public Calendars listing to only include the fields needed, rather than getting all event types and events for every public calendar.  This was done to enhance performance.  [RFE 26]

Fixed a bug in the week view, where events created on any day except Saturday, and spanned into the next week did not display the arrow indicating the event carried into the next week.  [Bug 34]

Added an interface to allow external authentication.  [RFE 35]

Fixed issue when IE6 and IE7 browsers sometimes hang when events are clicked.  [Bug 40]

Made the Go à link easier to notice when an event contains a URL link.  [RFE 44]

Fixed a javascript error when a calendar was initially displayed in Day view.  [Bug 45]

Fixed a bug on GetMoreInfo when the other calendar event type was not specified.  [Bug 46]

Fixed a bug when an event type allows multiple related items.  If an existing related item was removed from the event, additional related items could not be added until the event was saved, then reopened for editing.  [Bug 47]

Added the calendar instanceId and event type instanceId fields to the event type qualification builder dialog.  This makes building qualifications that use these fields much easier to build.  Previously, a user would have to open the KS_CAL_Calendar form, or KS_CAL_EventType form, find the desired record, then copy/paste the instanceId value into the qualification builder.  [RFE 52]

Enhanced the ForDate parameter to work with the new View parameter.  Reformatted the date from mm/yyyy to yyyymmdd.  This also makes the date format more universal.  [RFE 155]

Fixed bugs where events that spanned multiple months were sometimes being drawn twice, and sometimes not at all.  Consisted of fixing the event cache, and the way events were being drawn.   [Bug 156, Bug 157, Bug 158, Bug 159]

If a user’s session expires, and then the user tries to make an Ajax call (edit event, create event, delete event, etc…), the call would fail and the user would not be notified of the problem.  Now the user is presented with an error message when appropriate, and the calendar page is redrawn.  If the user was viewing any private calendars, they will be redirected to the login page for authentication.  [Bug 171]

Added headers to the JSP pages to prevent page caching.  This was sometimes causing authenticated users to be logged out.  [Bug 172]

Reordered the color palette so less dominant colors are used first.  [RFE 175]

Time based events are now listed chronologically per calendar in the month view and on the All Events Panel.  [Bug 176]

Fixed a display bug when using the Safari browser.  When the event dialog was opened in week view, it was not overlaying other timed events on the page.  [Bug 177]

Fixed bug where IE and Safari did not close the edit event dialog when the ‘escape’ key was pressed.  [Bug 178]

Fixed bug in the Safari browser that allowed the user to resize the event description field in the edit event dialog.  [Bug 188]

Guest users were not allowed to login to Remedy servers that did allow guest logins.  [Bug 189]

Fix the null calendar display when a user logs in without providing a username.  Now redirects back to the login page with an error message. [Bug 190]

Disable the edit event dialog’s save button after a user click’s it to prevent multiple form submits.  [Bug 196]

Added a feature to make the events more readable in week view.  When the event name is too long for the weekday space, wrap the event name where there is room.  Also display the event name on hover in the title attribute if the event doesn’t have a description.  [RFE 200]

Fixed issue when events span months outside of the initial loaded set, they are not cached properly.  When this happens, the events will not be drawn for the months beyond the initial loaded set.  [Bug 210]

Fixed issue with the all events panel not redrawing when calendars or event types are toggled on and off.  [Bug 212]

Fixed issue with the web.xml file format.  The mime-mapping section needs to moved.  [Bug 214]

Fixed a display bug where only 2 timed events were displayed if 3 or more timed events overlapped the same time slots.  This gave the appearance that only 2 events existed.  [Bug 221]

Fixed a bug where all day events were being adjusted to submitting user’s timezone.  All day events are a date only, and shouldn’t be adjusted for timezones.  [Bug 224]

Added client side validation to date fields so they are verified when a user hand types the values rather than using the calendar date picker.  [Bug 225]

Widened the edit event dialog by 10px so the AM/PM selector on the end date doesn’t spill over to the next line when using the Safari browser.  [Bug 227]

Fixed a bug with timezones when the user was in a timezone that was ahead of UTC, and their corresponding offset contained a ‘+’ sign.  [Bug 228]

Formatted the timezone display on the calendar view and public listing view with a colon between the hours and minutes to make it look more like a time display.  [RFE 229]

Suppress user error messages from the GetMoreInfo servlet.  [Bug 230]

Chapter 8                       Changes Implemented in 1.0.1

The following changes were implemented in Kinetic Calendar version 1.0.1



Added the ability to link a URL field to ‘Custom’ event types.

Fixed issue where tables on the Calendar Manager Console were not refreshing after a calendar was deleted.

Fixed issue where non-writeable event types were displayed in the drop-down list when creating events from the Calendar web user interface.

Fixed issue where multiple custom event types for the same calendar were not displaying correctly.  Events for the first event type were displayed, but events for all other custom event types were not displayed.

Fixed issue where event types that used a Remedy ‘Date’ field for the start time and start date were not displaying on the month view.  They were displaying on the week and day views.

Fixed issue where the URL value was not pulling forward on ‘Other Calendar’ event types.

Fixed issue where calendars with a status of ‘delete’ were displaying on the Calendar Manager Console.

Fixed issue where custom event types linked to a join table were throwing an IllegalArgumentException error.

Fixed issue where clicking on the +X link when viewing a specific calendar was throwing a JavaScript error.