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Kinetic Helper Record Find


Returns the first record id to a specific search in the KS_SRV_Helper form.



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Detailed Description

This handler returns the Entry ID of the first matching record found, returns nil if no matching record found. Note that this handler currently has the ability to search based on a limited selection of the fields within the helper record. In a future version, this will need to be expanded to allow more comprehensive searching.


Name Description
SurveyInstanceID SurveyInstanceID field of the KS_SRV_Helper record
CustomerSurveyInstanceID CustomerSurveyInstanceID field of the KS_SRV_Helper record
Status Status of the KS_SRV_Helper record
Character Field1 Character Field1 field of the KS_SRV_Helper record
Character Field2 Character Field2 field of the KS_SRV_Helper record
Character Field3 Character Field3 field of the KS_SRV_Helper record
Character Field4 Character Field4 field of the KS_SRV_Helper record
Character Field5 Character Field5 field of the KS_SRV_Helper record
Character Field6 Character Field6 field of the KS_SRV_Helper record
Character Field7 Character Field7 field of the KS_SRV_Helper record
Character Field8 Character Field8 field of the KS_SRV_Helper record
Character Field9 Character Field9 field of the KS_SRV_Helper record
Character Field10 Character Field10 field of the KS_SRV_Helper record
Character Field11 Character Field11 field of the KS_SRV_Helper record
Character Field12 Character Field12 field of the KS_SRV_Helper record
Integer Field1 Integer ​Field1 field of the KS_SRV_Helper record
Integer Field2 Integer ​Field2 field of the KS_SRV_Helper record
Integer Field3 Integer ​Field3 field of the KS_SRV_Helper record
Integer Field4 Integer ​Field4 field of the KS_SRV_Helper record
Integer Field5 Integer ​Field5 field of the KS_SRV_Helper record
Integer Field6 Integer ​Field6 field of the KS_SRV_Helper record
Index Field1 Index ​Field1 field of the KS_SRV_Helper record
Index Field2 Index ​Field2 field of the KS_SRV_Helper record
Index Field3 Index ​Field3 field of the KS_SRV_Helper record

Sample Configuration

Parameter Example Configuration
SurveyInstanceID AGed43735d50008be6d9e9cfb
CustomerSurveyInstanceID AGb6b5bed43735d50008be3a
Status Active
Character Field1 Software
Character Field2  
Character Field3  
Character Field4  
Character Field5  
Character Field6  
Character Field7  
Character Field8  
Character Field9  
Character Field10  
Character Field11  
Character Field12  
Integer Field1  
Integer Field2  
Integer Field3  
Integer Field4  
Integer Field5  
Integer Field6  
Index Field1  
Index Field2  
Index Field3  


Name Description
Entry Id Entry Id of the first matching KS_SRV_Helper record

Change Log

Version Date Description
1 10 Oct 2012 Initial Version
2 15 Nov 2012 Updated to return NIL if no match found instead of raising an error.
3 4 Nov 2013 Added Status, more Character fields, and integer fields to the search criteria.
4 10 Dec 2013 Added Index fields
5 21 Nov 2014 Fixed bug with search by status