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KEG Catalog Bundle

Five years ago we took a small idea and grew into everyone's favorite event of the year.  This catalog represents our idea of a conference catalog using Kinetic Request CE. Please take the time to view our content and intent in these files.


It includes the default Kinetic bundle pages but also includes conference specific items:

  • Scavenger Hunt (?page=scavenger-hunt.jsp)
  • Poster Stories (?page=poster.jsp)
  • Schedule/Agenda (?page=agenda.jsp)
  • many other static pages...

Scavenger Hunt

Our scavenger hunt was for the first two days of our annual conference. Attendees collect points by completing scavenger hunt from our pre-selected list built as forms. The forms include specific tasks or questions, such as take a photo, to gain points and prizes.


When you customize this bundle, it is a good idea to fork it on your own git server. Then you can track your customizations and merge in any code changes we make to the default.

We suggest you update this README with your own changes for future bundle developers.


This bundle uses our standard directory structure.  Bundles are completely self contained so should include all libraries and markup needed.

/bundle: Initialization scripts and helpers
  /css: Cascading style sheets. Scss directory is available for usage.
  /fonts: Directory of custom fonts. Third-party fonts are include the libraries directory.
  /images: Duh.
  /js: All custom javascript goes here.
  /layouts: This is where common HTML surrounding individual pages to are shared in all your forms.
  /libraries: Include CSS, JS or other third-party libraries here including things like JQuery or bootstrap.
  /pages:  Individual page content views. In our example we have pages specific to our conference, i.e. feeback, local and twitter JSP.
  /partials: These are view snippets that get used in the top-layer JSP views.
  /confirmation.jsp: The default confirmation page on form submits.
  /form-announcement.jsp: Form JSP wrapper for announcments.
  /form.jsp: The default form JSP wrapper.
  /kapp.jsp: This is the catalog console page or self service portal page.  This lists the forms by category, my requests, my approvals and more.
  /login.jsp: The default login page. Can be overridden in your Space Admin Console. The page adds a forgot password with a resetToken.
  /resetPassword.jsp: The default reset password page. This will trigger the system to send an email to the user to reset their password. Note that the SMTP server needs to be configured to work.
  /scavenger-hunt-confirmation.jsp: The confirmation page for scavenger hunt submissions.