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Request RE, Survey, and Calendar 1.5 Support Ending December 31, 2020
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  • The advanced task builder course will introduce the idea of using raw data sources to manage development and provide access to multiple potential consumers of Task Engine services. In the attached Power Point, you will walk through creating a simple HTML page that connects to the Kinetic Task Engine API, submit data, and then learn how to parse out that data using the built-in JSON object available to the Task Engine.
  • In Kinetic Task, Sources are external applications that automate workflow using Task Trees. For example, Kinetic Request leverages Task to implement key functionality. In Kinetic Task 4 we have emphasized flexibility in order to allow Task to integrate with as many applications as possible. In this class we will cover the configuration and usage of an already published source. We will also dive into some of the code and see what makes sources in Task 4 work.
  • Topics: What is Bridging Focus on an example Introduce the use of a jQuery ui table Using tables Focus on an example applying a YUI table Learn by playing Build against LDAP
  • The who's, how's, what's, and why's of requirements gathering for a process. Topics: Who needs to be present for effective requirements gathering? What are the steps those people take? What are some best practices to consider before implementing? Case study
  • Kinetic Task, is an easy to use, highly flexible, advanced automation engine. In this full day class, learn how to modify and build Task Handlers to accommodate your unique needs. Kinetic Data will show you how to import predefined and custom task handlers. Lastly, learn how Kinetic Task allows you speed up your development by allowing you to test your Task Handlers on your local workstation by using the Task Engine Test Harness.