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Request RE, Survey, and Calendar 1.5 Support Ending December 31, 2020
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  • The Kinetic Data Support Team is proud to discuss A Response to Support. What information should I send to the Support Team so that they can help me solve my problem? How does the Support Team determine if the error is caused from the Browser, KD Servlet, or another source? How can I access Java Script and CSS debugging tools? Finally how did those smrt (oops I meant smart) Kinetic Support people fix this problem?
  • A presentation that provides guided steps to help build and deploy a catalog which will be maintainable and expandable in the future.
  • Adding a theme to Kinetic Request, otherwise known as “One file to RULE THEM ALL!!” An overview of what a bundle is, why you would want to use a bundle, and how bundles are beneficial to each of you. The marketing manager, developer, service manager, etc.
  • Your Data Center needs to contact support about a specific application. However, it's after hours and no one is around to answer their question. See how multiple Kinetic Data products (and even a couple non- Kinetic) are integrated to support and solve a simple business process.
  • Keynote and welcome to KEG 2015.
  • See Kinetic Data's new platform for building applications, including Kinetic Request. Kinetic Core has all the building blocks you've come to love(form builder, centralized management, javascript and CSS framework) along with a new modern interface and back-end components.
  • Request to completion in a simple, repeatable, manageable way Aka: Get it done – go to lunch
  • To review some of the trends and lessons learned by Kinetic Consulting, sharing some recurring concepts, learn from organizations facing similar challenges, and share insights into the future of request management.
  • Kinetic Task is enterprise glue capable of automating processes and simplifying the integration of systems. Learn more about the enhancements to Kinetic Task that make automation easier than ever before!