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Request RE, Survey, and Calendar 1.5 Support Ending December 31, 2020
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Surveys on Steroids




New uses for Kinetic Survey including scripting, self-help articles, and post-survey actions (KInetic Task).


  • What is Kinetic Survey
  • Scripting
  • Self-help
  • Post-Survey Actions
  • Bonus - Language Translations


Survey products, any companies survey products, are often buttonholed as just something that happens after an Incident is resolved,  probably generating a score for comparison. Don't give in. Every survey tool puts forms in front of the customer. Kinetic Survey gives you all these regular survey features, plus the ability to add more functionality to your business process. Specifically, this presentation cover three topics. First, using scripting to gather more information while completing an existing request in Remedy. An example is asking for specific asset data, after a type of asset is selected (battery serial numbers after laptop is selected). Next, setting up surveys to perform self-help functions, and even collect information from the customer if a topic is not helpful. Last, it will show how to make surveys actionable by adding Kinetic Task. Now you can perform workflow processes after asurvey, like re-opening or closing an incident based off survey answers.