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Request RE, Survey, and Calendar 1.5 Support Ending December 31, 2020
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Kinetic Fulfillment is the next evolution in Kinetic Request delivery. Improve your request delivery process by assigning actionable tasks to support groups


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  • What is Kinetic Fulfillment
  • Work Order
  • Workflow Processes
  • Fulfillment Console    


Kinetic Fulfillment is used to assign actionable tasks to Support Groups or Users.  It replaces Complex, Rigid forms and applications with one that is lightweight, clean and flexible.

Rather than using generic fields such as "Notes" or "Resolution" to capture task completion information Kinetic Fulfillment uses targeted questions.  Targeted questions direct the user to provide accurate and useful information.  Workflow processes are now able to access and leverage this data.

Kinetic Fulfillment enables modular and reusable workflow processes.   No longer is there dependency on an applications workflow process.  Kinetic Fulfillment allow for the creation of workflow processes to meet your unique requirements.