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Task Handler Development



 Task Handler Training Manual.pdf



Kinetic Task, is an easy to use, highly flexible, advanced automation engine. In this full day class, learn how to modify and build Task Handlers to accomodate your unique needs. Kinetic Data will show you how to import predefined and custom task handlers. Lastly, learn how Kinetic Task allows you speed up your development by allowing you to test your Task Handlers on your local workstation by using the Task Engine Test Harness.


  • Task Engine Overview (Chapter 2)
  • Task Builder Overview (Chapter 3)
  • Ruby Basics (Chapter 6)
  • Task Handler Structure (Chapter 12)
  • More Ruby Basics (Chapter 13)
  • Break for Lunch
  • Using the Test Harness (Chapter 14)
  • Modify Existing Task Handler (Chapter 15)
  • Create New Task Handler (Chapter 15)