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4. Using the New Model Mapping

In this section we'll use the newly created model in a Service Item.

Create a clone of KSR Bridge Sample:Dynamic List

  • Select the 5.1 Features and Samples catalog
  • Select the Service Item where the Type is KSR Bridge Sample and the Name is Dynamic List.
  • Click Clone.
  • Type: KSR Bridge
  • Name: Dynamic List -- Clone

Open the cloned service item and double-click on "QUESTION: Dynamic List (Bridged)"

  • In the resulting Question Dialog, we're going to change the Model from Employee to People. When you select the new model, the Qualification, Label, and Value fields all become null.
    • In the Qualification field, select "All"
    • In the Label field, select "Full Name"
    • In the Value field, select "AR Login"
  • Save the Question
  • Save the Service Item


Click Open Anonymous


Creating a specific lookup by Login ID


Go to the Structures tab

  • Select the People (Oracle) row
  • Click Add next the Qualifications table
  • In the Qualification dialog window:
    • Qualification Name: By Login
    • Result Type: Single
    • Click Save
  • With the "By Login" row highlighted in the Qualifications table, click the Add button next to the Qualification Parameters table
  • In the Parameter dialog, enter the Parameter Name: Login

Go to the Mappings tab

  • Select the People (Oracle) model
  • Highlight the People (Oracle) row in the Model Mappings table.
  • Double-click on By Login (which should be red) in the Qualification Mappings table
  • In the Qualification Mapping dialog:
    • Query: AR_Login = <%=parameter["Login"]%>
      (This will become our WHERE clause in the Oracle SELECT statement.)
  • Click Save

 Our single-row lookup query is now ready to use.

Go back to the cloned Service Item

Add a new field called Full Name, then create an Event using the instructions found here: