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1. Understanding the Model Object Hierarchy

Bridge objects are arranged in a tree-like, hierarchical fashion.


The Structures tab contains Models, Attributes, Qualifications, and Qualification Parameters. Each of these structural items is really just a name -- an abstract concept to which we will connect (i.e., "map") real, concrete data elements.







Qualification Parameters


What Are These Objects?


model is an abstract object that is essentially a "collection of attributes." A bridge model provides a conceptual layer for addressing concrete data. In the real world, a model can represent a Remedy form, a database table, etc.


Models have attributes, which are also known as "abstract data fields." For example, the Remedy User form has the 'Login Name' field and the 'Password' field. A model that represents the User form would have attributes that point these fields.


Models have one or more qualifications. A qualification is a conceptual method for retrieving data. At the model layer, a qualification is little more than a Name with an expected Result Type.


  • For the Qualification Name, use something descriptive like "By Login ID" or "By Last Name"
  • The Result Type can be either "Single" (if you expect only one row be returned) or "Multiple" (if you expect more than one row in the returned results list).

Qualification Parameters

A Qualification can have one or more Qualification Parameters. These are the names of qualification variables you intend to use when querying for data. These parameter names will be available when you create queries against the actual data.


How does it look in the Kinetic Request Console?

When you're in the Service Item's Question dialog, the Answers tab will show all the structural names when you check "Use Bridging" (all except for Qualification Parameters).


  • The Model field will let you select from all active models.
  • The Label and Value fields give you access to all attributes related to the selected Model.
  • The Qualification field will show all active Qualifications related to the selected Model.