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Dynamic Data Population with Tables

Many times some data is best displayed in a table.  Table data can come from searching a data souce or from a user's input. Learn the methods and tools used to add tables to Service Items and Consoles




  • Types of Tables
  • Methods to Retrieve Data
  • Methods to Display Data
  • Reading/Using Data


In many occasions the data that needs to be displayed or captured in a Service item can be best displayed in a Table. A table build from retrieved data using Simple Data Requests or Bridges.  Tables can also be use to collect user response sets and display them in a table.

Examples and specifics of how to create tables in Kinetic Request are include in this presentation.  Using Simple Data Requests and Bridges are the 2 methods of retrieving data.  The YUI Datatables library and the Datatables jQuery plugin are used in examples to display the retrieved data.

In the case where the table is used to collect a user response sets, the presentation covers how to use the data captured.  The data can be used in Task Trees or it can be used to populate Remedy Forms.

Service Item exports are included in this article. They are from the material this presentation.  They may be downloaded and installed onto a Kinetic Request Server.

Presentation Video