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Closing Session - How the Sausage is Made

How the Sausage is Made explores the development process for Kinetic products.


How the Sausage is Made.png

  • Where do RFEs come from?
  • Programs and Tools used by the developmen team
  • Lifecycle of an RFE
  • Lifecycle of a release



Find out what it is like to be a Kinetic developer by walking through a day in the life.  There are many different sources for product request for enhancements (RFEs), and this presentation describes how they are prioritized, and how they are roadmapped into specific releases.  The Kinetic Data development team uses a variety of tools to help organize and accelerate the development of core products, including the Redmine issue management system, Mindmeister mind mapping tool, VMWare virtual environments, Netbeans development environment, Sublime text editor, and Github distributed version control repository.  The presentation closes with a look at the four step release process, and how Kinetic Data uses it to provide stable, feature rich product versions.

Presentation Video