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Benefits of Bundled Service Items




Explore concepts used to enable complex business processes by bundling service items together.


  • Linking service items together -- a chain of events
    • Example: Work from home
    • Example: 360 degree performance evaluation
  • Embedding service items together -- parent/child relationship
    • Example: Onboarding
  • Grouping service items -- service items related based on who or when, not what
    • Example: Service cart


This presentation explores the concepts used to enable various types of complex business processes using Kinetic Request.  Bundled Service Items are broken down into three types, Linked, Embedded, and Grouped.  Each type is defined and examples for each type are reviewed.  Each example is deconstructed into its primary parts and those parts are explored.

Detailed "how-to's" are avoided in favor of focusing on the concepts used to implement them and encourage customers to think broadly about their environment.