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Benefiting from Kinetic Bundles

Explores the theming and branding of Kinetic Request with Bundles, a strategy for simplifying and organizing the specification of your Kinetic Request web presence.

TopicsScreenshot - Benefiting from Kinetic Bundles.png

  • Origin - Evolution of Kinetic Request theming and branding.
  • Klean - Review of the bare-bones bundle intended for bottom up development.
  • Bundle Organization - Exploration of the conventions and standards introduced by Kinetic Bundles.
  • Packages - Examination of a handful of drop in Bundle packages.
    • Activity Console
    • Fulfillment Console
    • Integration Packages
  • Benefits - Organization, portability, callbacks, models, and performance.



Kinetic Request allows you to completely customize the look and feel of your service catalog, forms, and other consoles.  Since Kinetic Request is a Java web application, accessed by a web browser (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or Chrome), specifying the overall look and feel is accomplished using standard and well established web development technologies: HTML, CSS, Javascript, and a little bit of Java.

Kinetic Request has exposed the usage of these common technologies, providing absolute flexibility, using the concept of themes.  Kinetic Bundles is a stardard structure for theme implementation, and provides a set of recommended strategies and common utilities.  These conventions, formed from the experience we have gained doing countless implementations, provide a simple but powerful suite of tools to expediate your theming and branding process.  

This presentation also reviews new strategies, implemented in Kinetic Bundles, that can be leveraged to facilitate powerful and innovative Kinetic Request interfaces. 


The Kinetic Request Bundle Guide.

The Klean Bundle reference Bundle: Klean.