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Description of the directory and file structure for Kinetic Schedule. Each directory and file is described in an individual article.

Directory Structure

Overall Structure

Inside the Configuration directory are the following directories (details in the separate articles):

Adapters - configuration files for connecting to specific applications like Remedy and Salesforce

Calendars - configuration information for the specific Schedules (the name is a holdover from the related Kinetic Calendar application)

Connections - Authentication and configuration information related to adapters and used by schedules

Logs - application logs

The location of this directory is determined in the properties.xml file in the tomcat_home/webapps/kineticSchedule/WEB-INF/classes directory. By default during installation the configuration directory is located in tomcat_home/webapps/kineticSchedule/WEB-INF/

Calendars Directory Structure

Each Schedule has its own directory under the Calendars parent directory. Within that directory there needs to be at least three files - cal_schedulename.json, ds_schedulename_1.json, and res_schedulename.json.