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Themes are a collection of resource files that exist on the Kinetic Schedule web server to display schedule data.  Themes can be copied and customized to give schedules a unique look and feel, or to comply with corporate branding. IMPORTANT - If any changes are needed to the default theme, such as changing the logo or changing the banner color, it is recommended to copy the default theme directory and create your own custom theme.  This ensures your customizations are not overwritten when the application is upgraded, and that you still have a baseline for the original theme.  The best way to do this is to copy the entire "default" theme directory to another name.

File Location

Themes can be found within the /themes directory located in the Kinetic Schedule root web application directory.  One theme is provided with Kinetic Schedule as the default theme.  The theme is responsible for the look and feel of various parts of the schedule application, as well as some of the custom functionality such as javascript click handlers.




Default Theme

The default theme contains various JSP pages for different languages, along with some theme configuration files, reuseable JSP fragment pages, and supporting resource files such as images, stylesheets, and javascript files.


Main JSP Pages

The main Schedule JSP pages are located in the theme/jsp directory.  The main JSP pages define the language that will be used to display the schedule.  The language is appended to the end of the JSP file name as _da, _de, _en, etc...


Resource Files

The theme also contains images and css stylesheets that are used to define custom images and colors.  These files can e used to incorporate Kinetic Schedule into your corporate branding.