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Password Encryption

Allows passwords in connection configuration files to be stored in an encrypted format rather than plain text.

Set the EncryptionSeed

For encryption/decryption to work properly, a unique seed value is used in the algorithm to produce the encrypted value.  The same seed value must be used for decryption, or the value that is produced will not match the original plain text value.

The web application properties file contains the encryption seed value that will be used.  It is highly recommended to change the default value to something that will be unique for your installation.

After setting the encryption seed value, you will need to restart the web application.


Encrypt the password

Kinetic Schedule provides a web page that allows you to enter a plain-text value, and it will generate and display the encrypted value.  

Open the web page at:  http://your-web-server/kineticSchedule/encrypter  (obviously you will need to set the value of your web server in the url).


Copy the value in the Encrypted String field, and paste into your connection configuration file in place of the plain-text password value.