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What's New in v1.1

Kinetic Schedule v1.1 introduces several minor enhancements for better usability.

Resource Click Handlers

Click handlers are defined actions that take place when a user clicks on something.  They previously existed on calendar containers so new events could be scheduled when a blank time slot was clicked.  They also previously existed on existing events to give detailed information about the event, or to allow a user to update an event.

Now this functionality has been extended to resources to allow users a detailed view about the clicked resource, or perhaps to even update the resource information.


Custom View Settings

The custom view has been enhanced to allow the user to define when the custom range should start.  When the increment units selection field is set to days, a date picker allows the starting date to be selected.  When the increment by value is set to hours, both the date picker and a starting time selector allow you to choose the starting date and hour for when the custom range should begin.

These changes give the ability to show "x" number of hours starting on "y" date at "z" hour.

Calendars now can be defaulted to load in custom range, with all the configuration settings available in the calendar configuration file.  These values can also be overridden via URL parameters.


Locale Specific Time Format

This feature gives the ability to display time as either 24 hour, or 12 hour with AM/PM indicators.


Configurable Ticker Segments

Previously hour time slots were broken down into four 15 minute segments, separated by "ticker" marks in the horizontal axis row.  Now these ticker segments can be defined in the calendar configuration to be any number of segments.  If a calendar should be displayed with three 20 minute segments instead of the four 15 minute segments, a simple configuration change can solve that problem.