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User Guide

This user guide contains information for using some of the options available while using the Kinetic Schedule application.

Filtering Resources and Events

The system will only draw the resources necessary for the items it needs to draw.  This is true from start, empty resources without any data to display will not be drawn.  It will update as you filter or as you change dates.

A label with the datasource or resource {name} as well as a drop down with all filterFields' {name}s will appear along the top of the display page.  If filter information is not given for the resource, that filter will not appear.  This is true also for each datasource configuration file.

When filtering on a chosen field, the sidebar is updated to show what values are available to select from.  Some values may appear that are not listed in the configuration file.  This is because all values for that field are returned.  The configuration file is used to note the {fieldId}, {name} and then {color}s for specific field {value}s.  If you don't specify each value, additional values not noted will have a random color associated.

The values listed in the sidebar may be selected to filter down drawn events.  You may make multiple selections, which will be listed and separated by comma along the top with its associated filter label.  You may click a value to remove it from the filtering list.  As the data is filtered events and resources will be redrawn so only those events that fit the filter for the resource
and its related datasource filter will be drawn.

Thus, if an event does not correspond to a filter and the values you are filtering on, it will remain and not be removed.  If you filter on one datasource but not the others, events of that non-filtered datasource will remain and will still be colored as noted in the datasource configuration file.


URL Parameters

Kinetic Schedule accepts a certain number of predefined request parameters that have special meaning.  These parameters can be passed in the web browser's address bar when loading the schedule.


Parameter Name Required? Description
CalendarName True

Indicates which schedule to load.  The web application searches the calendar configuration files for a matching "webname" configuration value, and then loads that schedule.  Will display an error page if no schedule configurations match the value.


Example: &CalendarName=changes
CalendarTitle False

Sets the calendar title that is displayed in the center of the header banner at the top of the page.  If this parameter is passed on the URL, it will override the name property value in the calendar configuration file.

Example: &CalendarTitle=Company XYZ Changes

CalMode False

Indicates the mode to display on initial page load.  If this parameter is passed on the URL, it will override the defaultView property value in the calendar configuration file.

Valid Values: day, week, month, or custom

Example: &CalMode=week

ForDate False

Indicates the date to display on initial page load.  If this parameter is blank or not present, the current date will be used.


Example: &ForDate=20130714